The challenge was how to distinguish our Cara Cara from other growers and to also call it out with retailers and consumers.  I went with stressing the pink aspect of the fruit.  The fruit is higher in Vitamin C and A, but we thought we would keep that for the second round. We went with big color and simple to print look.  This allowed us to blast our everyday boxes with the look economically yet still with a big impact. The brand was a big hit last year with our volume growing by 70% this year due to demand. We are sending this brand throughout the US, Canada, South Korea and in 2019 Singapore.
Even though we trademarked "I'm Pink" we still translated it into French for our French Canadian partners.  It just looked and felt right.  The brand has gone over big in Canada, and we continue to grab market share.
For the boxes, I created two one black and one pink.  This allowed us to checkerboard them on the pallet (see below) to make an impact on arrival (especially in Asia) and will enable retailers to build eye-catching displays. 
Down to the PLU, we used two colors to help the our Cara Cara's stand out at the shelf level.
On the bag, we went just pink in color to help drive home the message that this was something special.    
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